Material Donation

Material Donation

Our farm trips involve fixing a lot of items especially in the plumbing and electrical spaces. Its not always easy to know exactly what we will need in advance so we try to have a supply of basic materials ready for our volunteers to use. This can often save long trips back in to town which waste fuel and time. Do you work for a business or know a business who might be able to help us out with a donation towards our trips?

Our current list of needs include:


Electrical cable – lights and power
Double power points – inside and outside
Outside flood lights
Ceiling Fans
Electrical Conduit


Basin Sets
Kitchen sets
Top half assemblies
40 and 50 mm traps
Flex Hoses


Tubes of Liquid Nails (by the box)
Batten Screws
Tubes of Silicon (by the box)

If you can help please fill in the form below, or give us a call on 1300 327 624. Please note our office is in Brisbane and we can pick up easily in the South East Corner of QLD. From other locations we would need to get it delivered in some way.

Farm Rescue Material Donations
Farm Rescue trips take a lot to pull together. If you have some items that we could use on our next trip, let us know.