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Register your Brand

Put your business front and centre when it comes to supporting rural Australia.

Is your company keen to be part of an exciting GivingBack initiative? Are you keen to profile your Corporate Social Responsibility?

In the last three years, Rural Aid has developed a very successful support program called “Farm Rescue”. In the same vein as the TV program Renovation Rescue or The Block, we and our volunteers rebuild sheds, re-plumb, rewire, re-stump, rebuild, repaint and more. These uplifting and emotional events make lifelong changes to the farmers lives and those of the community in which they live.

Imagine your company owning the naming rights and participating in one of these three day Farm Rescue projects. Imagine the branding and social marketing opportunities, imagine the benefits of team bonding and supplier and client relationship connection from holding such an event.

Rural Aid has thousands of farmers around Australia who could do with a hand.

Register your company’s interest in this unique program and partner with a charity making a real difference.

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